Safety 101: Questions To Ask A Daycare Center About Kids' Safety

27 May 2016
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When you set out to choose a children's daycare center for your little one, you may have a lot of questions and concerns. After all, it will be a place where you leave your child to be nurtured, and it should provide a safe, caring atmosphere that helps children befriend one another and enjoy their time away from home.

What Kind of Safety Training Do Staff Members Have?

Staff members may have different safety certifications. Many childcare centers have minimum standards for training and certifications. According to Child Action, Inc., some states, such as the state of California, require that child care providers in daycare centers receive 15 hours of training about health and safety. You may also want to ensure that staff members who are trained in CPR and first aid will always be available.

What Will You Do In Case of an Emergency in the Area?

The staff members should have training on what to do in case of a fire and other natural emergency that may affect the area in which you live. They should also have a plan of what they will do in case of a lock down situation.

What Are Your Policies on Medication?

Most childcare centers have an established policy on how they give out medications to children and who can approve them. Medical forms will likely be a part of your child's record. A doctor's note may be required for certain medications.

What Is The Center's Sick Policy?

It's important to find out where the children's daycare center stands on allowing sick children to come to the facility. You may also want to find out how they handle situations when a child becomes ill while at the center. Also, find out how much sick time is allowed for staff members, and you may ask about what precautions are taken so that employees don't come to work when they're ill. 

What is Your Visitation Policy?

The childcare center should be able to provide a clear answer about its visitation policy. Some will allow you to visit any time. If you are not allowed to visit at any time, you may request explanations about why the policy is in place. Whatever the reasons may be, make sure that the question is answered to your satisfaction before selecting the children's daycare center.

Finally, start your search for the right daycare center by asking these safety questions. Keep in mind that you want to ultimately choose a childcare center with management that will be ready to answer your questions and provide all the information you need to make an informed decision. For more information, contact daycare centers like Little Peoples Early Learning Center.