How To Choose A Daycare Center When Your Child Has A Peanut Allergy

16 May 2016
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Choosing the right daycare center for a child is a huge decision to make, but this decision can be even harder if your child has a major allergy, such as a peanut allergy. Kids with peanut allergies cannot only not eat peanuts, but exposure to the smell of peanuts or foods that contain peanut butter can also trigger allergic responses. To make sure your child will be safe at the daycare center you choose, you may need to complete a few extra steps. Here are a few steps you may need to take as you look for the right daycare center for your child.

Ask the center if there are other children with this allergy

If there are currently children at a daycare center that have a peanut allergy, you may feel safer choosing that particular center. This center would already know how serious a peanut allergy is, and they would already be taking the necessary steps to protect the child with the allergy. The downside to this is that while peanut allergies are common, there is a good chance that none of the children there have this type of allergy. If this is the case, you may need to complete an additional step.

Ask the center if they are knowledgeable with peanut allergies

Many centers may have trained workers that know exactly how dangerous peanut allergies are, and these individuals might know the proper steps needed to ensure that a child will not have a reaction while he or she is at the daycare center. If there is someone with this type of knowledge or experience, you may feel satisfied that your child will be safe while he or she is there.

Ask the center if they are willing to learn the proper procedures

If the center is not familiar with this and you cannot find a daycare center that is, you may want to choose a center that you like and ask if they would be willing to learn and follow the necessary procedures. This could involve the following steps:

  • Banning peanut butter from the facility
  • Carefully screening all incoming food to stop any from coming in if it contains peanuts
  • Learn the symptoms of an allergic reaction and the treatment methods needed if this happens

When a child has a peanut allergy and is exposed to peanuts, the results can be devastating. As a parent, you may want to follow these steps to make sure the risks of this happening are minimal. To learn more, contact a daycare center, such as the Youthland Academy.